"Do not hesitate?! Buy it!?"
- Unknown 2018 October 14



Reservation for any kind of buy. Four weeks delivery plan when orderd product. Only delivery in Sweden. Payment via Swish (send it together with the name in the messages).
Send an SMS to number +46(0)730393722 with following information:

1. Art number of the product and how many pieces.
2. Where the product should be delivered?
3. Who is buying the product?
4. Contact mail and phone number? (For delivery status of your purchase!)
5. Swish the money! And the goods are on the way!

  • Art nr: 1: Mug Color Yello 275 kr/piece
  • Art nr: 124: T-Shirt Grey XL 355 kr/piece
  • Art nr: 125: Pencil black 169 kr/piece

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