"I have a dream"
- Martin Luther King 28 Aug 1963


Our Vision

MobileSoftwareSource is to take the enviroment threat serious and the dream is to make it paperless. The needs that we humans need could be served in a better way than today. What if, we could live without paper, and do many of the things we doing whit paper could be done with electronic devices instead. Many of the transport, back and forth with timber would be unnessery and all the papermass would not be produces at all, and all the eletricity we would save on that!
JUST think about it! How much money, energi, air and waste we would save. Is'nt it better to let the trees do there work and produce the air that we breath and let them be? Maybe they are the soloution for the climate changes? More trees, better air!?
MobileSoftwareSource want contribute and make things happen!

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